my creative spectrum

Each individual Artist has their own unique Creative Spectrum.  From beginning to end, this spectrum is the time line and identifier that allows the viewer to become familiar with what the artist is capable of creating.  My personal Creative Spectrum is comprised of many different types of art and media.



my creative history

I've been an Artist since the day I could pick up a pencil. Every aspect of my life revolves around creativity and the intensity of my imagination.


I began my artistic career in elementary school, winning 1st prize at the local art shows and designing pamphlet covers for the school brochures. In junior high I found myself being asked to design the yearbook cover the logo for the girls basketball team I was a part of. Word leaked out that my artwork was something to talk about and my Science teacher commissioned me to design the cover of a book he was writing. He was satisfied with my work and showed it around in the teachers lounge, where my Math teacher found my work to be exceptional. She owned a little shop in Nantucket and decided she wanted a new sign and logo for her store. She commissioned me to do the work and ended up paying me double because she liked it so much.


It wasn't until I entered high school that I realized my talent for architecture and constructing things. While I still continued perfecting my Fine Art skills, a whole new media was introduced into my Creative Spectrum.  I found myself designing homes and furniture then building them as scale models.  Refining every detail to and exact likeness of the image in my head. My technical drawing teacher noticed my enthusiasm and took a special interest in my skills, helping me along the way to perfect and fine tune my abilities. He started Networking for me and ended up introducing me to a few business owners and architects, who then commissioned me to do work for their companies.  My senior year in high school was when I reached a whole new level of realization though. Every year, all of the schools in the Greater Cleveland School District had the option of entering their Technical Drawing students into the National Cleveland Home and Garden Show Model Home Design Contest. In this contest each student was given the same scenario; an imaginary family, lot, budget and family needs. It was up to each student to design, draw and build a model home using true industrial standards while remaining within the parameters of the criteria. I spent the next three months working non-stop on my model home and all of it's components. The judges panel was comprised of 12 local professionals in the art, graphic, construction and architecture business. Each individual model was assigned a number so that the judges would be oblivious to the gender, school district or name that went with the project.  The projects were then judged separately by each judge in 12 different categories. At the end the judges turned in their scoring and the points were added up, then being matched with the corresponding student that went with each model. The following morning all of the students and their families, the local newspaper and news station showed up to find out the results. I ended up winning 1st place: 623 points out of 625 total points possible. Beating 2nd place by 25 points. I was the first female to ever win that contest, the first person to ever design, draw and build 2 separate options for an addition onto the existing home and I scored more points than anyone ever had in the almost 20 year history of the contest. I won a scholarship and received TV air time and interviews with the newspapers. I was offered a job by one of the architects that had judged one of the categories in the contest. Upon graciously accepting the position, he secretly admitted to me that he was one of the judges that took a point off of his category. When I asked him why, he smiled and said "because I never give anyone all the points possible."


After graduation I attended Cleveland State University where I continued my career in freelance designs of all types. I interned at various architecture firms, commercial art and graphic design studious. I independently contracted several jobs, everything from designing CD covers for local musicians to designing a wedding dress and the whole wedding around the bride and grooms theme of choice.


All in all, I've had the incredible opportunity to widen my Creative Spectrum with every new experience and I look forward to adding you to part of my Creative History.


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